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mtiks supports OpenUDID moving forward


mtiks announces switching its iOS libraries away from deprecated API and use OpenUDID moving forward. OpenUDID is a drop-in replacement for the deprecated uniqueIdentifier property of the UIDevice class on iOS (a.k.a. UDID) and otherwise is an industry-friendly equivalent for iOS and Android, and most recently Windows C# and Silverlight.

New apps that are created in mtiks platform from today (May 16th 2012) onwards will be using this new unique device identifier class internally. Existing apps needs to switch to the new iOS SDK Library (v1.7) if they plan to submit a new revision of their app to App Store. Customers will have whole new set of unique devices in their dashboard. The numbers reflected as unique devices will be using the combination of the old UDID’s offered by Apple and the new one’s we offered with OpenUDID. We will provide a split view of the stats in our dashboard.

The changes on the publisher side is nothing but use the new library in their apps and it will go smooth with Apple approval process. If you are using any other library which use OpenUDID (like Fiksu, Tapjob, moPub, etc.), it will not conflict with the same integration of ours.

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